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Preschool / Primary Sites 

Enchanted Learning

Worksheets, teacher resources
Little Explorers Pict Dic Dictionary in English + 8 languages + phonetic
Zoom School Information by subjects. Gr 1-3
abcteach Printable activities, crafts, teacher tools.
Uptoten     (Canada) Click: Up to Ten Kids, then: Cards or Boowa & Quala. Games, songs, and email for kids. Also:Spanish + French
Kids CBC  (Canada) Paint, coloring, seasons, memory lessons
Little Fingers Games Online games + free Mac downloads
Between the Lions - PBS Games, stories, print-outs - beginning readers.


Primera Escuela  Spanish site for beginning readers
Fun/Pre-School Sites
BBC Fun & Games  Variety of games - from Britain
Preschool Games  AOL  Educational games from AOL
This is Daniel Cook  Explore Daniel's world
Sesame St Podcasts  Vocabulary - One podcast a week
Panwapa from Sesame St   Social Networking Site - Geography
Jitterbug Music for Hip Kids  Variety of songs for pre-school age kids

Primary Sites

First Palette - Crafts  Art/Craft projects for ages 2-12 
Ziggity Zoom Best Sites  A collection of sites for young children
KOL Homework Help Jr  K-2 sites from AOL
Children's U of Manchester  Find a site  Science/History/Literacy/Art
Do to Learn  Activities for Special Ed students - age 3-8
Help Kidz Learn Special Ed and ages 2-6. Mouse, piano, sign. *

Math Is Fun

 Visual demos of math concepts + games

Primary Games Arena   Educational Games   ages 1-8    from UK
Poplit Station  Literacy instruction through pop media. -Canada

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                Finding Clip Art  

Check terms of use for each site, and assume copyright restrictions apply

To download images: Right-click image/Save Image As/Save In/Click:Save button

Education Clip Art/Photos

MS Office Clip Art & Media  (use MS download)
Classroom Clip Art  (Photos)    (Right-Click image) 
Pics 4 Learning        (Photos) 
Pageworks Toonland Animation (Kitty Roach) 
Pageworks Kids Fun Works      (also see links) 

General Clip Art/Photos   Search        (Click "Images", then search) 
Alta Vista   Search        (Click "Images", then search)
Barry's Clip Art 

Additional Resources - Clip Art/Photos

Amazing Picture Machine    (Sites for kids/history) 
Time                                  (Recent news photos) 

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Ivy Essays 
Cheating 101 - Kimbel Library  (Coastal Carolina U) 

Identification Tools

Google Search Engine 
Turnitin    (Fee based)

Additional Resources

PAMS Plagiarism WebQuest
You Quote It, You Note It!  Tutorial    High School 
Plagiarism Advice-Elem See notes/cite
Owl Online Writing Lab Purdue See Avoiding  Plagiarism
Dalhousie U      (Designing Assignments) 

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Plagiarism 2 - Prevention  

Plagiarism / Note-Taking

Writing Tutorial Services at Indiana U
OWL ( Purdue University )


Citation Machine

How to Avoid Plagiarism

OWL -  Tips to avoid plagiarism 9-12

Create Assignments / Information Literacy

 Big6 Kids Tutorials (Research Tutorials at 3 levels)
Big 6 - Worksheets        (Information Literacy)

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Blogs to Explore

Blogs in Plain English  - Commoncraft
Personal-Photos   Chicago
   Political  Daily Kos            (liberal)
   Politcal   Daniel Drezner   (conserv)
News         BBC Sport News (World)
   Tech      Mashable            (Cisco)
Finance     Motley Fool
   Teen      Style Rookie
Teacher    Cool Cat Teacher Blog
Teacher    Ed Tech Guy
Class        The Wocket Spot
Class        Mr. Peltz           (4th grade)
Kasiisi Project & School (Kibale, Africa)
Moving Forward   (Great Ed Blog List)
Blogs and Info Links

Create a Blog

Blogger  Click:Tutorial (use 2nd email address) 
Blog Your World-wiki Blog resources

School Blogs

Weblogg-ed     Blogging in schools 
 EduBlog       OR      Kidblog    OR
WhiteBoard Blog
Best Social Studies Sites* (blogroll)
Weblogs in the Classroom - Austrailia 
SchoolNet Global  Global blogs  for kids.  See :Global Curriculum
Search Topics 
IASL   (International Asso School Librarianship)
Facebook    (University or High School specific) 

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Web 2.0


Grazing for Digital Natives   List of Web 2.0 applications + sites 
Webtools4u2use                See sidebar for links 
Webtools for Educators     Resources + ed sites + tools 
Tech Connect 
21st Century Edtech      Newest tools + tech tools + subject list 
Moving Forward                Model 21st C schools + Goals + links 
Social Networking - Conferencing
Making Curriculum Pop
Twitter Experience
Share More - Twitter - MGuhlin


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RSS Agregator-NewsReader


RSS in Plain English - by Commoncraft 
Google Reader            Explore blogs, Find new blogs
Bloglines Top Blogs 
Teachers Inc Blog 
Weblogg-ed       Classroom blogs / Practices 
Cool Cat Teacher Blog 

Related Sites

ALLRSS            Find Feeds by Topic  
Weather RSS 
RSS Calendar    Share your calendar online 


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Wikis are part of the Read/Write Web. They are structured as online databases, and contain collections of information organized by topic. Content can be added to or changed by the reader. Wikis can also be password protected.
Wikis in Plain English  -  Commoncraft 
WIKIpedia    Online collaborative encyclopedia
Cool Tools for Schools
NROC     Click:Hippocampus for free courses
Creative Web Tools for and By Kids  Click "For Teachers" 
Webtools4u2use Wiki   Library Tutorials, etc /Go down entire page Wiki Way 
Educational Wikis  How to Use wikis +Samples 

Other Wikis to Explore

Moving Forward Wikis   List + Links 
Teachers First -Wiki Walk Through 

Create a Wiki

Peanut Butter Wiki


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Teacher Tube Student videos, + teacher resources
School Tube Education videos
TeachersTV British site. Training for teachers.



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Podcast Alley Find podcasts
Grammar Girl Quick and dirty grammar tips
Juice   (formerly iIpodder) Tool to download podcasts


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M. Winiecki, Media Instructor,  March, 2010