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Awesome Clip Art for Kids

    SafeBlogging          Sexting

abc Teach

    Recognize Grooming 

Easy Test Maker Internet Acronyms for Parents
Webquest - projects Sex Offenders    Map     Registry
Thinkquest - projects Wired Safety- Click top right for videos      
ALA Great Web Sites

Collinsville Unit 10 Resources

Cyberbee Weblinks/Kids How to set Facebook Privacy
Dance Mat Typing CyberBullyingCyberbullying Research
Google for Educators   Blog  Stop Bullying Now-Kids

Safety - Sites for Kids

HCPS School Tutorial (click links at top)  Netsmartz Kids   - Rap/Videos 
Creative Commons Copyright iKeepSafe  Click:Educator  /Faith 
Copyright for Educators -KOCE CyberTreehouse  -Copyright 
Copyright for Kids  Sid's Safety Games  -Scotland
Copyright Website (benedict)

Hector's World - NZ

Copyright in Elec Environment  
U.S. Copyright Office



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     Evaluate Web Sites 

Tiempo Climate Cyberlibrary Site #1 
Citizens/Scientists for Environmental Solution Site #2
Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division Site #3
Mankato, MN Site #4
Website Evaluation Wizard   from IMSA Illinois Math & Science Academy online tool
CyberGuides for Web Evaluation -Kids  Elementary resources for evaluation-Cyberbee
Evaluate Web Sites (Widener U-New) High Sc Tutorial + Exercise for web evaluation. 
Save the Pacific NW Tree Octopus Site for gr3-8 web evaluation.  Fabricated


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